• stella_h
    "Greg Bryant trained me for approximately four months and was an AMAZING trainer. From the start, he was extremely knowledgeable, supportive and pushed me to do my very best. He believed in me and helped me reach a goal I never thought was possible. I learned so much about lifting weights and nutrition that I was able to maintain that lifestyle and fitness intensity after our training sessions concluded. Greg was my inspiration, motivator and cheerleader through the whole process. With his experience, I would recommend him to anyone who wants to see quick results and make a complete lifestyle change."
    Stella H. | Time Frame: 4 Months
  • Kelly
    "I cannot thank Jai enough for all that he has done for me! Not only has he transformed my body but he has pushed me, supported me, and motivated me in ways no one ever could! He has been there from day 1 and always telling me I could do it until I finally believed it for myself! Because of Jai I have a confidence I never knew I could have!! I actually LIKE taking pictures now and love to rock a bikini! I always wanted to be "skinny", Jai taught me how to be "strong". And that is so much better then looking skinny! I was the girl that was always "skinny fat", the one that wasn't necessarily fat but I definitely wasn't toned. Now I love to show off my legs and arms and my back, actually I love to show off my whole body now!! He has given me the tools and knowledge to live a healthy lifestyle, not just for a few months but that will last a life time and for that I will be forever grateful!!"
    Megan Reed.| Time Frame: 2 Months
  • sabrina_P
    "After working out with other trainers and not getting the results I wanted, months of frustration, and money spent, I was so happy to start training with Jai. Once I started working out and following his meal plan, I have gotten into the best shape of my life, in just a few months. I have learned so much about the proper way to workout, it's something that will last with me a lifetime."
    Sabrina A. | Time Frame: 4 Months
  • mike_p
    "I began training with Greg over a year ago. My goal was to bulk up, yet stay cut. I was 165lbs when I started his program. Within 2 months,  I was 177lbs and lean. I loved seeing all the changes. Within 4 months, I bulked up to 190lbs, which is the biggest that I've ever been. After 6 weeks of cutting, I got back down to 180lbs , all muscle. I couldn't be happier with the results. It definitely wasn't easy! He challenges and pushes you hard, but the results are well worth it. His diet plans are amazing. Overall, I would 110% recommend Greg to anyone trying to make fitness and health changes."
    Soroosh Noori | Time Frame: 4 Months
  • anthony
    "I have been working out, on and off, for about a year. I saw minimal results, and after a while, it felt like all progress stopped. That's when I hired Greg. He was immediately able to point out what I was doing wrong. After only 3 months, I felt much leaner and stronger. Greg helped me go from 174lbs, to 160lbs, all muscle. I would definitely recommend Greg Bryant and his effective fitness programs. It definitely worked for me."
    Adam Noori | Time Frame: 6 Months

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