Greg Bryant


Greg Bryant is a fitness professional, residing in Miami, FL. Originally from Michigan, Greg moved to the home state of Superman himself to pursue higher education from the University of Kansas. He maintained a healthy and fit lifestyle throughout college, and decided to take it to the next level after graduating.

After years of training, Greg competed in his very first competition, Muscle Mania Worlds in 2013. Competing against athletes from all over the world, he placed 1st in the Tall Class Division, and 2nd Overall in the world. Greg went on to compete that next summer in the Muscle Mayhem Championships 2014, where he placed 1st C class, 1st Overall, and was also awarded the Mayhem's Best Athlete trophy.

Greg has since devoted his time into helping others achieve health and fitness independence, both mentally and physically. He has trained individuals with distinctively different goals varying from weight loss, toning, muscle gain, competition prep, and endurance enhancement. Greg takes pride in ensuring the needs and goals of each client are met, and uses results as a measure of his work. With over twelve years of experience, Greg teaches technique, nutrition and all other components that give clients the ingredients to maintain a fit and healthy lifestyle. Greg offers a complete customized program for every individual to reach their own specific goals.


JAI_ABOUT_USMy name is Jamais Quary and I am fitness professional, specializing in free weights and circuit training. I want you to understand how I started my fitness journey and why I would like to use the knowledge I have to help you achieve all your fitness goals. Over the years I have trained people of all shapes and sizes, I've really focused in on transforming them not only physically, but mentally as well.

After spending the majority of my life in Kansas I moved to Miami to pursue bigger and better opportunities. Growing up I was always a very active kid and in turn knew I wanted fitness to be a part of my daily life. However, it wasn’t until about 2-3 years ago that I really started to focus on pushing my body to its limits. I want nothing more than to train your mind and body with that exact focus.

I am here to teach technique, along with proper nutrition by providing a customized routine for you. Everyone’s goals won’t be achieved the same way so I will provide you with a personalized full work out plan to reach your fitness goals.

Being healthy while maintaining the lifestyle you enjoy isn’t easy but it certainly is achievable. Are you ready to accept the challenge?!